60 jumps against colon cancer

My name is Wim de Gier. Sadly both my parents passed away from colon cancer. The MLDS has been fighting for years for better treatment of colon cancer, in all age groups.

My plan is to attempt 60 parachute jumps in 1 day for MLDS around my 60th birthday. This is a huge challenge, physically, mentally and organisational. 

How can you help?

- Join in for a tandem jump on 3 km altitude. We ask for a contribution to colon cancer research of 50 cents per meter (€ 1,500). Click on 'Start fundraising', create a personal page and donate € 1,500 (or raise the amount through donations). The first 49 people who collect € 1.500,- can join me on June 14th! If you don't want to transfer the money via this page, please contact acties@mlds.nl. Tip: you can get a digital personal flyer at acties@mlds.nl

- Donate to support me. By donating, you can also win a tandem jump. The more you donate, the higher the odds to win the jump.




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