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This T-shirt is inspired by the color blue and book Bluets, and by Phil Stutz. Stutz' concepts and tools inspired and helped Jess the past year on her colon cancer journey, they help people achieve a better view of their own lives. In general, Stutz says that people who accept that life is made up of pain, uncertainty, and constant work are better equipped and essentially happier than those who are constantly trying to avoid these things

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16/03/2023 | 16:03


Short essay by Jess Oberlin on the colour blue, as read aloud in her podcast Dancing with Darkness I was given a book about the colour blue by my mentor, I thank her for the gift and while looking at its deep blue cover, I can’t help but think this is me. I am blue. In all her hues.Reading this book allowed me to welcome the enduring melancholy within me. It was reflected on each one of her pages. She has been a welcome guide who would have thought the colour blue could be so warm? I brought blue with me everywhere. The book was a silent witness to my journey it watched from the hospital side table as I started to lose my hair. Later, it watched me from the bookshelf, as I lost myself day by day a little bit more with each passing moment. The blue book joined me at the blue pool under the blue sky when my kid looked at my bald head in my bathing suit in embarrassment. The blue book made me choose a blue wig and appreciate the blue accents in the many thoughtful flower bouquets I receive. The blue hue in me is the blue hue in you, but you hide it, and I cannot. The blue mask consumes my view and I see this color everywhere around me.  

A healthy digestive system is vital. It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Your digestive system can give you strength and energy, but it can also hinder you, make you housebound, or even kill you. The Stomach Liver Bowel Foundation (Maag Lever Darm Stichting) supports over two million people with digestive diseases, by funding research and providing information. Together, we fight for a healthy digestive system for everyone.